EP37: Food Hazard

EP36: Switcheroo

EP35: Unleash the Beast

EP34: A Magic Touch

EP33: Improvisation

EP32: The Cat’s Out of the Bag

EP31: Door-to-Door

EP30: Sharing is Caring

EP29: Catstova

EP28: Certified Non-Cat

EP27: The Cat Cafe

EP26: Furr-End or Foe?

EP25: Strange Rumors

EP24: Preparations

EP23: A Better Approach

EP22: New Year Resolution

EP21: Brand New Year

EP20: Christmas Ambush

EP19: Little Miss Disciplinarian

EP18: Shots Fired

EP17: Collateral Damage

EP16: Peacemaker

EP15: Epic Battle

EP14: Gastova Strikes Back

EP13: Game On!

EP12: The Showdown

EP11: The Aftermatch

EP10: The Workshop (Part II)

EP09: The Workshop (Part I)

EP08: Arm Day

EP07: Dynamic Entry

EP06: An Explosive Afternoon Tea

EP05: A Song of Wind and Fire

EP04: The Nyawesome Felicity

EP03: The Kind and Gentle Nanami

EP02: The Guardian Witch (To-be)

EP01: The Legendary Skipper

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