Gastova is a light-hearted 2D adventure game. As the Witch Guardian of Arkana, embark on a journey to track down and defeat the fellow witches that were once Gastova’s classmates and/or closest friends. Inspired by classics such as Mega Man and Wonder Boy, we are committed to deliver a satisfying single-player experience for all the fans of the retro platforming genre.

Journey through dozens of different landscapes! From the scorching desert to the frigid snow lands, the deep caverns to the sky fortress, the size of the game will surely provide a satisfying adventure to those who seek the thrill of exploration.

Unique monsters that you will encounter in the various landscapes. You must overcome them to reach the bosses!

Fight through powerful bosses that stand in your way! Over 20 wildly different bosses for you to challenge and defeat!

Meet interesting characters along the way! Lots of story and character development to ensure that the experience keeps you engaged all the way!

…And More!




Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Gastova: The Witches of Arkana is developed by

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